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What is IISE?

IISE stands for Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and we are a student chapter of the larger professional organization. There are student chapters of IISE at numerous colleges across the country, some of whom we get to meet and interact with at conferences. The professional organization hosts numerous webinars and events throughout the year that are accessible to all national members. Fortunately, our student chapter offers national membership at a greatly discounted price! 


We like to say that IISE has three "pillars" - academic, professional, and social. Our organization revolves around these pillars, doing our best to focus on the three of them equally. Joining IISE is much more than a simple engineering club. It provides networking opportunities,  a close-knit supportive community within a large university, and the ability to further connect with fellow ISE majors. 

Pillars of IISE


IISE is an environment for ISE students to connect with students they know or recognize from their classes.


ISE is a relatively small major. Therefore, most people take the same classes leading to members often working in study groups and supporting each other in their courses through the organization. Upperclassmen often offer their advice and guidance on classes to take and what to expect.


IISE offers members exclusive access to:

  • A broad and passionate alumni network

  • Opportunities to attend conferences

  • Information sessions with companies looking to hires Ohio State ISE's

  • A consulting team

  • And a resume bank for active members, which our sponsor companies have access to and like to hire from!


IISE is a great place to meet and get to know the students that you will see almost every day for at least 2 years of college.


We have happy hours, trivia nights, and other social events to encourage members to connect with their peers in a more relaxed setting.


Many members will tell you that they have met some of their best friends through IISE. We like to say that we're the engineers that still bust our tails and still know how to have fun come the weekend!

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