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ISE Cohort Program

Mentees, mentors, and alumni with similar interests are put together to form a cohort with the goal of creating retention and community within the OSU ISE department through academic, leadership, and social growth.
Connect with other students and alumni, receive advice from Buckeyes who have been there before, and improve your networking and leadership skills.

Why should you join?


Meet upper-class students and alumni that are there to help you as you transition to the college life and start to look for internships. The reason they are in the program is because they also were once where you are, and want to help you succeed in school, with your career, and in life. It's great to meet a lot of the people in your classes and dorm, but it is also just as valuable to meet people who might have advice or a different perspective than you based on their experiences.


If you remember what it was like to be lost during Welcome Week, how tough engineering can be at times, or what it's like to try to get your first internship, you have valuable advice to offer that can help make a younger students transition to college easier. Mentoring can be as simple as giving tips on which professor to take for a class or helping them with their resume when they are looking for internships. Being a mentor is a great skill to develop, looks great on a resume, and you never know who you meet that could be a big influence down the road.
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