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A Message From the President:


Welcome to IISE at The Ohio State University.


The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) is the premier Industrial and Systems Engineering organization here at Ohio State. Our goal is to grow students Professionally, Academically, and Socially to prepare them for career and life success.


As a member of IISE, you will have access to programs, conferences, social events and much more in hopes of providing a better understanding of the field and major we call ours. Students find that our events and activities supplement their curriculum and prepare them for career and life success. I invite all students interested in the field and major of ISE to join us at one of our upcoming meetings (information can be found in the Upcoming Events tab).


Through this organization I have developed extremely marketable skills and formed a solid understanding of the many opportunities that will be available to me post-graduation. Additionally, I have formed close friendships and a robust network of fellow Buckeye Industrial Engineers that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


It is an honor to serve as the President of an organization that has meant so much to my professional, academic and social growth and I look forward to providing all these opportunities and more to my fellow ISE classmates!!

Jackson Goodall


President - Jackson Goodall.59.JPG


9EA65BFC-FB9F-4C3C-81BF-09798CD11E00 - Jack Zerante.jpeg

Jack Zerante

Executive Vice President

VP of Finance - Nate Broelmann.1.jpeg
Director of E-Council Relations - Maheen Zaman.48.JPG

Maheen Zaman

Director of E-council Relations


VP of Branding - Kenna Podracky.3.jpeg
Director of Digital Operations - Isabella Medici.5.jpg

Isabella Medici

Director of Digital Operations

Director of Marketing - Andrew Polta.6.jpg

Andrew Polta

Director of Marketing


VP of External Relations - Maddie Barone.104.jpg

Maddie Barone

VP of External Relations

Director of Alumni and Department Relations - Rory Hession.9.jpeg

Rory Hession

Director of Alumni and Dept. Relations

Director of Professional Development - Ryan Stacey.66.jpeg

Ryan Stacey

Director Professional Development


IMG_4098 - Muheeb hijazeen.jpg
VP of Outreach and Inclusion - Tomasina DeLong.298.png
Director of Membership - Madison Muell.1.jpg
Director of Social Events - Luke Pellot.2.jpg

Muheeb Hijazeen

VP of Internal Relations

Maddie Muell

Director of Membership

Luke Pellot

Director of Social Events

Tomasina DeLong

VP of Outreach & Inclusion

Cohort Program

VP of Cohort Program - Leah Horan.76.jpeg

Leah Horan

VP of Cohort Program

Director of Cohorts - Lily Banke.3.jpeg

Lily Banke

Director of Cohort Operations

Consulting Program

VP of Consulting - Danny Jafa.1.jpg

Danny Jafa

VP of Consulting

Director of Consulting Operations - Kathlyn Reilley.12.jpg

Kathlyn Reilley

Director of Consulting Team Operations

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